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tv   Headline News  RT  May 31, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EDT

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tonight protesters perceives the euro zone's financial capital while ranks of riot police down with attack dogs and water cannon at the ready in case the passions get out of hand. russia calls for an end to political games over chemical weapons in syria raising concerns over the reported arrests of al qaida linked syrian militants with highly poisonous sarin gas. they've emerged understand as hundreds of furious gold mine workers pose a blockade of the facility in attempts to force its canadian owners to share the wealth.
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even if you just joined us live from the new central moscow is kevin o. into night our top story the heart of the eurozone under siege today with thousands of volunteers stereotype protesters ascending on vital banking institutions in the city of frankfurt the economic hub riot squads are out in force they've been out today bracing themselves for clashes with water cannon and police dog units at the ready to paper all over from germany's financial hub. thousands of demonstrators have come out onto the streets of frankfurt's on friday to take part in block twenty thirteen they've essentially shut off access to the european central bank which has its headquarters here in the german city front but is of course fun to many large banks one of the world's largest banking sectors not like thousands have come out to voice their anger against the banking sector and the way that europe's financial institutions are in their right being mismanaged also. drawing people's anger has been the latest big is coming out regarding unemployment in the euro so
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now. hearing all day staggering nearly twenty million people out soup work inside the countries that make up the monetary union just twelve just over twelve percent of the population now to find out just why people are here in front good to demonstrate i'm joined by contadina put in space from the left policy in germany the student wing of the left thank you very much for talking to me. why are people coming out in such numbers to to but there are i think what is happening here in frankfurt today is there are twenty million people have influence in the eurozone especially. we understand that there are no solution no national solutions to this crisis we understand that there has to be international solidarity and international strabo if we act alone for the banking crisis and our sovereignty politics that have been completely destroying the social states around and around
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europe do you think it's a concern amongst the young that those levels of unemployment that we sitting in the southern european countries like your own could eventually migrate to the problem yes you know it's already happening it's i mean germany is not a paradise in europe anymore that that. the wages in germany at extremely low compared to that for the t.v. level and at the young people i'm most two thirds of students have to work in terms of finance their studies people have very very bad working conditions they were can stop at the end very very few and all go to the social state in time and still exist in a lot less for him if we don't do anything today in offense before the students winning over the left body in germany thank you very much for talking to me to put some of those figures into a little bit more context twenty million we're talking about the population of a a large european nation a whole house of work and that's being coupled with just recent news of a rise in inflation around the euro zone most notably when it comes to food just
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last month alone the price of the food rising by three point three percent so all of these problems seem to be increasing and that's why we're seeing more and more people coming out to show just how unhappy they are with the current situation. well the latest crisis planning daughter from some germany calls for the creation of a so-called eurozone boss a figure that would be able to make decisions where national leaders couldn't agree but michael ross from european financial blog news told me he sees it as another attempt to curtail the democratic process. i think this is one step more toward sick terror to shoot in the euro zone the euro zone in t. you has nothing to do with democracy anymore and what i fear most is that all this crisis as you acquires is leads to structures which are far far away from democracy i mean i don't want a eurozone boss i want somebody whom i can believe whom i can trust and who i'm
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also able to elect but what's going on at the moment is that it put people in front of us like in the former e.u. the as a city like in the former u.d.'s our politicians and their political insights what's going on i think that's not good for the future are they wasting their time though protesting like this as far as you're concerned i mean we have to face the real problem the really the real cause of the problem and it's a monetary system problem it's not only a financial system problem is so we have really two to think oh i think it all over again and ask yourself is this capitalistic model is still working or if we are more or less in an end phase is not only in europe take also japanese take america united states of america fifty million food stamps there this is not a no sign so we are we have all the same problem and maybe the occupy and these
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protests that we see are only the beginning of a vast protest and demonstration all over the europe all over europe but also all over the world in japan and the united states as well. next to the hard line jihadist groups fighting among the syrian rebels has been put on the united nations blacklist by the security council the decision comes a day after turkish media said that members of. work with the cylinder of the internationally banned nerve agent sarin earlier this month to investigate his voice suspicion that the illegal gas had been used by opposition fighters in syria later. reports prompted a strong reaction and from russia's foreign minister sergei lavrov says it's time to stop playing games on the issue of syria's chemical weapons dividing a federal investigation into every case of a gives. we in your book. we've warned repeatedly of provocations connected with chemical weapons we've also insisted on investigations into any case related to their possible use including the incident reportedly took place near aleppo we're
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very disappointed that because of political games the un has failed to act on this we expect our turkish colleagues to quickly provide a full report on this latest case this issue ation is too serious for those who constantly talk about the chemical weapons problem to keep playing games around it each and every incident needs to be investigated well as from ourselves but more about the history of sarin it was only in march this year that the syrian government appealed to the united nations to investigate the alleged use of it in aleppo that time according to officials of military experts it was used around two dozen people were killed they go should see on the screen just to remind ourselves again has been classified throughout the world as a weapon of mass destruction that is banned since the one nine hundred ninety s. it has been used before the most notorious case i guess you might recall back in one thousand nine hundred eight in. northern iraq
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a kurdish city that was using cluster bomb five thousand died then it was also used as well in japan in the mid ninety's a religious sect used it on the tokyo underground a couple of the tunnels they were bombed thirteen people died again they think it was sarin that's used so obviously if it gets into the wrong hands well obviously it is extremely serious and that's a worry to that rule put forward she believes chemical weapons in the hands of the wrong people here the rebels in syria could be a big region wide problem. the consequences. are going to be dramatic in the region. for all parties engage in the conflict it is also going to be. very decisive for the opposition's future. i think that with days the opposition. is no is
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no longer in the hands of those we see on t.v. or attending meetings for syria. the real reality on the ground in whether it's in syria or in some parts of lebanon is about another and al qaida actively at present and will dictate the future of the region and the future of this called revolution in the street is long story today we given the final go ahead to to a new set of sanctions against syria which will come into force on saturday but the burden is no longer include the arms embargo which paves the way therefore for european states to supply the syrian rebels with lethal r.t.c. go to prison off takes a look at the syrian opposition and those who might be armed on its behalf. since britain and france blocked attempts to extend the e.u. embargo on supplying arms to the syrian rebels there have been growing fears that the weapons could end up in the wrong hands and this is why the syrian opposition
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is made up of many divided and often competing factions and clearly there is no force that can represent it as a whole there's the syrian national council the national coalition for syrian revolutionary and opposition forces the supreme military council the free syrian army the international coordination committee the. brigade and many more like to point out that only the n.c.c. says it's open to dialogue with the authorities while all the others have officially proclaimed their goal is to topple the regime the only difference being how extreme their approaches are and here is where these two rebel groups stand out . is officially recognized as a terror organization by the u.s. it's also known for its links to al qaeda and for being among the most highly trained rebel forces currently on the ground in syria and the fire brigade perhaps just as notorious after one of its leading commanders was shown eating the body
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parts of a dead syrian soldier on video but despite the warnings raised by international human rights groups including the international and human rights watch the rebels have been receiving weapons for some time now according to western media reports the rebels have received one hundred sixty plane loads of arms shipments from jordan saudi arabia quarter via turkey and then with a cargo smuggled across the border here with syria but no matter which rebel group or the arms may be destined for it's also widely recognized that they usually end up in the hands of the best trained and most radical brigades across to look at whether america's policies in the middle east actually work in the country's favor. u.s. interests are not being a u.s. economic corp and other interests are not being adverse by the policies we're applying and the approach we're taking towards the middle east it comes completely at odds we're basically saying something with now on doing. that one big exception
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is the huge influential industry known as the arms industry you go. barack obama promised to speed up closing guantanamo bay again more than a week ago but the hunger strike situation of the prisoners only deteriorating not a single inmate believes the pledge is enough to break their months long protest against mistreatment of indefinite detention the number of protesters being force fed a procedure considered as torture by the un's increase now to thirty six we'll see that figure go up in a minute more inmates have been taken to hospital as well r.t. spoke to the father of guantanamo prisoner who also heads the kuwaiti detainees in guantanamo committee khaled older told me what happened to his son after he resorted to starvation my son been there for eleven years without having justice and he is there. without
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committing any crime nor charges again it's against him it is very difficult for him to tell me what's going on there because there is a surveillance on the there is the district shoes for all the detainees not to talk about the conditions inside the camp buyout i can tell by the way he looks he was so skinny. if this is the first time for him to put some glasses on his eyes. looks he looks horrible. he could not concentrate while he's talking to me. i have sometimes to repeat simple sentences to him. to all to three times just to bring his attention so he could understand what i am saying he has i lack of nutrition it affected his body his.
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thinking his brain which is really really we are very concerned very concerned about is life. britain's abroad right now in iraq but if so go and tell him oh clone after it was revealed that up to ninety afghan nationals have been detained in secret without charge at the u.k.'s camp bastion base sullivan held there for more than a year but ish m.p. jeremy corbett says similarities between the facilities the striking people are collective wrested as enemy combatants held for very long periods and not allowed normal judicial process just as we've gone. and i think the legacy of two thousand and one of guantanamo. graham and the extraordinary rendition process is something that's going to live for a very long time international law has been seriously undermined by britain and the
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usa and their behavior over afghanistan for the past twelve years the afghan government is supposed to be in charge of the country and the british american and many other soldiers allegedly fighting to protect this government they claim they can hold prisoners over to this government they will be tortured but instead they're held illegally in these two bases. just ahead reporting on the streets of baghdad the schizo phrenic man who claims to have killed hundreds back in his native kenya but he's allowed to stay in the u.k. because the grievance out of its control despite concerns obvious concerns over public safety and that. joins the cold trend to control its internet with new laws to publish social news websites for publishing anything the state sees as a threat. to just a couple of minutes from now. is the west fighting a war without end to the enemy but what defines victory in the greater middle east
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terry in ethnic conflicts or see rejecting borders imposed after the first world war the great unraveling of the west new colonial project in the region and beyond is in play is this a meeting of the west's eternal war you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture. i'll teach you tube channel rocketing to a billion views from the world's era defining disasters to events that continue to change our lives join me kevin owen for more on how you've helped make the first
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global news channel to reach. kurdistan has declared a state of emergency in the north after days of gold mine workers protests saw at least fifty five people injured and angry mobs also captured a government building in a southern city too demanding of prisoners release time bombs across the story tonight. according to the latest information we have from a variety of news sources including local journalists on the ground that we've managed to get in touch with around two thousand protesters attempted to storm the mine in eastern standard salting in violent clashes with riot police at the at the site dozens were wounded including protesters and police exchanges of rubber bullets stun grenades and of stones one police bus was set on fire another was
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completely destroyed a state of emergency has been declared by the government in kurdistan the latest we're hearing from some of those news sources reports that most of those protesters have possibly now dispersed only the leaders remain and they say they'll stay there until their demands are met these follow earlier protests where protesters came to try and blockade the mine and cut the power to it earlier the canadian company sent terror gold which owns the mine say's these actions are illegal but the protesters have a variety of demands of their own ranging from the redistribution of some of the wealth from the mine to the state's budget increase social benefits nationalization and concerns about the local ecology and lack of infrastructure the mind itself which brings about twelve percent into couldn't stand the money has been the subject of heated debate in may two thousand and twelve
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a similar protest your creations of a mind that was just one of a number of similar kinds of protests and the government very nervous about these kind of situations because of political unrest in the country in recent years ethnic uzbeks and clashed in the south of the country in two thousand and ten and those clashes followed the overthrow of the president also in two thousand and ten in a short but violent revolution. gotta catch up was approved tough new measures to monitor his citizens online activity including comments posted on news websites and social media the steps follow similar regulations in other gulf arab states and outlaw any material deemed threat to national security mideast analyst jamie ingram says that while the bill may not be the death toll for freedom of speech just yet they could be a stepping stone to further prag that they've looked at their neighbors in bahrain and in kuwait and these are examples of parts that the country leaders do not want to go down yes this nor is it going to restrict freedom of speech but the levels to
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which to actually be implemented remain unclear they could just be hedging their bets for now in case they really do require. to come down on its freedom of speech online in the future does have a reputation for a relatively free media notice how it's all in recent news and then the law was reports it domestically as well so journalism as a whole doesn't have too much to worry about the moment it always very very it's really up to the government censors security forces as to how they want to implement it. the internet is just filled storing up revolutions it's also a battlefield in itself we're putting a lot about that yes the online is more to the u.s. set to plow billions of dollars into boosting its cyber warfare capacity creating a dozen specialist teams to launch offensives against overseas targets again we're talking about as a search on a website out dot com also there would get a minute the father of a chechen man killed by the f.b.i.
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suspects foul play his son was hit by seven bullets including one to the back of the head during an interview held over his possible links to one of the boston bombers got r.t. dot com for the whole story. this is part of the final version it is. all. britain's failure to expel immigrants who pose a potential risk to society is again being brought sharply into focus as artie's police reports next a mentally unstable man from kenya who says he's killed hundreds is now free to walk the streets of england. he says he's murdered up to four hundred people with a machete in his native kenya killed police and taken part in female genital mutilation but a court ruled that twenty seven year old john few is free to stay in the u.k.
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he arrived illegally back in two thousand and three but when the home office tried to deport him he appealed and an immigration tribunals ruled that hugo suffers from schizophrenia and had made up the atrocities he was granted leave to remain in the u.k. because he's at risk of committing suicide if he returns to kenya you would normally think this is not appropriate person to bring into the u.k. . if you look at the european convention of human rights it is possible for him to stay here because criminal of the sort we've seen in. this is one of those he falls short of breath he's going to be allowed to walk the streets and that's the problem john the fust potentially dangerous individual that the home office of tried and failed to deport jordanian terror suspect abu qatada has avoided extradition for over
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a decade qatar his lawyers argue it's against his human rights to return to jordan where he could face torture not all the countries signed up to the european convention on human rights choose to follow it the french and italian governments deport dangerous individuals first and then his their appeals i think one of the problems we have this country is but often is until something drastically wrong we don't seem to want to find the solution or effective solution for the problem we tend to leave things as they are a list of problems big and off something really does go wrong in the sense that someone like this goes on the streets actually starts hacking people but it did happen over here and well it's off to the soldier lee rigby was hired to death in broad daylight by two men. wielding meat cleavers the murder sect the country the suspects have been known for morrissey's and questions have been asked about whether or not the police could have done more than the men in mind and yet a week later we learned that a mentally unstable man who claims to have killed hundreds of people gets to stay
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in the u.k. the ruling once again raises questions about his safety that british immigration judges are protecting. r.t. in london. in briefs and i running street battles broken out between protesters and police on the streets of istanbul leaving dozens injured including a kurdish employee the violence was triggered as environmentalist trying to save apart from being turned into a shopping mall were forced from the area by the police the protesters and broadridge a more general rally against islam and islam is government. for passage of play run out of fuel mid-flight on friday this is what out there after vote it plummeted into the living room of this house outside washington d.c. two people were injured in the accident one on board this sesno the other in the apartment emergency crews are now helping several adults and children forced to evacuate the building. a general strike in the northern spanish city of bilbao is mobilized thousands of people voicing their anger against austerity cuts the demonstration was organized by the basque country is two very trade unions more
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than forty percent of the region's population is jobless with over half of people aged between eighteen and twenty five now at a world. a video clip of russian policeman marching a group of people across the street in the moscow region to recaptured you tube views imagination a flood of comments on the web some saying it should only reminded them of prisoners of war art has been a caution over there explains next what really happened. this possible to seen the footage that some of the people right at the beginning of the column have their hands on their hands and the others on the shoulders of those in front of them now that video was instantly followed by a string of differing comments some sod so that those people looked like prisoner so if war and the others were just shocked by the scene but what happened in reality was that one hundred three people were detained by police in one of the markets in the moscow region and reportedly they were involved in
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a massive fight and they were migrants among them now this is not an isolated case just this week police detained more than nine hundred illegal migrants in the north and part of the capital and incidents such as those hoppen olmos on a daily basis the problem of illegal immigration is a very sensitive issue now the authorities say that it's at least harmful for migrants working in moscow are present here illegally and the police says that the number of crimes committed by migrants increased by forty percent last year alone in particular one out of three robberies is committed by migrants so one of the reasons behind those quite drastic statistics really well first of all the visa free regime between russia and the c.i.s. countries where the balkans the legal migrants are coming from and of course high level off unemployment so while the reasons behind this are somewhat clear it is still unknown was the best way to solve this issue we did
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a question of are there other ways progress cross-talk takes on america's middle east motivation and whether it's storing up more trouble for so for the future of search program after the break. distraction is one thing the media does very well we all tend to focus on one space issue of the moment and ignore the rest jill those are definitely worth the media attention but let's not ignore the fact that the food people eat around the world is an attack from multiple fronts antibiotics are often overused in cattle which can and eventually sadly will lead to anti biotics resistant bacteria evolving animals are also injected with various hormones which can make their way into our
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stomachs and speaking of mysterious things getting into our body pretty much any crops that you we are doused with all sorts of pesticides and sit on top of powerful fertilizers which can affect bodies of water far beyond the fence of the farm obviously technology has been and should be used in farming so we all don't starve i get why pesticides exist and why they started giving diseased animals antibiotics but there comes a point where out putting a lot of poisonous food will kill you just as dead as slowly starving will there is a healthy middle ground out there somewhere but if we only worry about just the g m o's and only won that battle then we'll still be eating food loaded with bad stuff just other bad stuff but that's just my opinion. please see.
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below and welcome to cross talk we're all things are considered i'm peter lavelle is the west fighting a global war without end if this is the case who's the enemy and what defines victory and what about borders in the greater middle east sectarian ethnic conflicts are seen rejecting borders imposed after the first world war the great unraveling of the western neo colonial project in the region and beyond is in play is this the meaning of the west's eternal war. across not the politics of endless war i'm joined by my guest fills benison washington he is the director of the new internationalism project at the institute for policy studies and in new york we cross is the art abdel nor he is the founder and president of the u.s. committee for a free love it on the right cross in fact that means he.